Thursday, April 22, 2010

unexpected treasures

ahoy! i mean, hello! hope the sun is shining where you are this morning. i am off to the children's museum with my child in a bit, but i wanted to share a few treasures from my favorites - both old and new - before i ship out. :) p.s. see my new treasury east for more. without further ado, from top to bottom: "bisque and cloth doll" at blogbloglog, "piers hardware handyman tool necklace" by contrary, "she waited for the ice to melt - print" by thisisalliknow, "lost in chopin print of original drawing" by irenaspohia, "silver decayed and mended ring" by sana, and "three strand brass disc bracelet" by juliegarland. happy earth day!


  1. I always love your collections, Caroline! The doll is amazing!

  2. Thank you, I love your selections, love mood and colors. The ring is beautiful.