Friday, April 16, 2010


there's something lovely and mysterious about this collection i think - it feels fresh like spring, dreamlike & summery all at the same time. if any of that makes sense. it's early. :) from top to bottom: "wooden" by latenightdrawing, "kitchen tools" at findingfabulous, "the thick" by erintyner, "pair vintage jade green urn vases" at birdie1, "house 1" by britthermann, and "trio of flower frogs" at chesteranddonkey.


  1. So fresh, Caroline! I just love your selections and how you've combined them! Thanks for including my green urns. They're sitting on either side of my fireplace now and I'm having second thoughts about letting them go!

  2. Such a beautiful collection Caroline, thank you for including my photo! I've been extra appreciative of each Spring day this year... perhaps because Winter felt extra long and cold and dreary. Today feels like a perfect day for a daydream underneath a giant tree. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. very spring & lovely. thank you for including my illustration!

    xx britt hermann

  4. you have a very interesting blog.....
    good art and visuals

  5. This is truly fresh. Thanks for including my illustration "Wooden"!
    We are having a fresh and green start on this spring in Sweden, lovely!