Saturday, October 31, 2009

oh, november!

yes, it is still only october 31st but my mind has already made the leap to tomorrow and the real beginning of the holiday season, beginning with yummy, lovely thanksgiving day. i'm in a golden, blue, mustard-y kind of mood. i'm sort of wishing it was my birthday today and that each one of these wonderful things were packaged up in brown paper tied with twine...for me! sadly, that is not the case. but christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, so you better hurry on over to these shops before each one of these yummy things get gobbled up. from top to bottom: "gobble you up my beauty" by ohmycavalier, "little wishes necklace" by desertblossomsdesigns, "the barbara eden dress" at thrush, "instant collection - vintage vanilla haegar pottery" at ethanollie, and last but not least, "wading" by ashleyg.

Friday, October 30, 2009

an intimate gathering of mysteriousness

in honor of the upcoming holiday i thought it might be appropriate to share a few of my favorite, but more mysterious pieces of art - slightly strange in the very, very best of ways. each one of these lovely images speaks of mysterious places & times & least they do to me. such talent here! from top to bottom: "the bird feeder" by jennymendes, "today will be the day" by olivia jeffries of restlessthings, "cora" by amanda blake of thisisalliknow, and "sailor girl" by valeriegalloway. "eat, drink, and be scary" - happy halloween :).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy halloween

a few photos of our quest for the perfect pumpkin over the weekend. it was a very sincere pumpkin patch as you can see. jack o' lantern design by my beautiful boy. happy halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

she saw

not much to post about on this rainy wednesday afternoon. i did come across this wonderful oil painting this morning though, and wanted to share it with you. the image is entitled "she saw" and it inspired my new treasury west. for more of this playful, dreamy work, take a peek at jmcdesigns - the artist and creator of this lovely, suspicious looking little lady.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more teeny tiny paintings

i thought i would list just a few of the new tiny paintings i worked on during the time i spent working in vermont over the weekend. since they are so small, and so spontaneous, i was able to come up with 10 of these little guys. i am having such fun with this new endeavor! today was pretty gray so i'll have to rephotograph most of them when we get some sun again but for now, here they are: 1. winter scarf, 2. november, and 3. tiny forest. if you are curious at all, check out my etsy shop to see the others. i hope you have a nice night! sleep tight.

quietly through the trees

well, a happy cloudy tuesday morning to you. i just returned from a lovely weekend in vermont and probably not surprisingly have trees on my mind today. the trees are almost bare up there and although most of the color is gone now, the woods and fields that surround our house are still gorgeous. i pulled a few images together from a birch trees inspired treasury i made months ago - i saved it because i loved each of these pieces of art not only individually, but together as a group. so... here they are for you to enjoy. from top to bottom: "deer no. 2" by sharonmontrose, zukzukwooden by zukzuk, "white birch veneer bow" by christinetillman, "silver birch silk-lined clutch bag" by redrubyrose, and the lovely "tight rope walker" print by courtneyoquist.

Friday, October 23, 2009


i thought i would end the week with this simple but beautiful photo entitled "around here" by carl christensen of buckscountyframes. well, i am off to vermont for a few days to (hopefully) do some painting, locate that perfect pumpkin, and spend some time with my family. i will also be switching out work from one of the galleries i show in up there so i will definitely have a few "new" paintings listed in my shop next week. in the meantime, tgif and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

that lovely harvest time of year

brown, gold, burnt orange, stormy gray, windblown, chilly, crunchy fall. have i mentioned how much i love this time of year? :) from top to bottom these gorgeous images are: "wind through northern sky" by dkim, "nutmeg handwarmers" by jaykayknits, "birch leaves" by phototeresa, & "autumn bird hand embroidered linen art in hoop frame" by hareanddrum. better go check out these shops...quick! before these pretty things are all gone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

oh, october!

well, it is a lovely fall afternoon but i have an awful cold so here i am inside the house on day three, waterlogged with tea. at least being forced to be in is a good excuse for hunting around etsy for beautiful things made by talented people. anyway, here is what i found. from top to bottom: "punctured paper lampshade" by warpedesign, "one for the birds" photo by tinacrespo, "mixed media abstract art: dark series" by aisyahang, "wire cube light pendant chandelier" by spurgeavl, and "coal black artisanal coat no. 1" by patriciaayers. snuggle up. it's gonna get chilly out there.

Monday, October 19, 2009

black bird monday

an ode to the crow (plus one bonus raven). six very different interpretations of the large black bird - all so beautiful in their uniqueness! you can find each one of these lovely items on etsy. from top to bottom: "just as it should be" by ingridartstudio, "two australian crows" by bridgetfarmerprints, "smokey crow" by tastesorangey, "black crow" by middleburg, "bird etching, juvenile crows" by magpieofhedgerow, and last but certainly not least: "raven destroyed t shirt" by koreandollz.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

happy saturday post

for your viewing pleasure! from top to bottom: "mid century brass metal wall clock" at xcntric, "seeds" watercolor painting by gollybard, "love always petite tea cup" by christinaromeo, "autumn green plaid decorative pumpkin" by seapinks, "little lichen bloom" by elinart, and "the sparrows and the nightingale" print by seasprayblue.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

snuggle up little chickadee

again i am posting a few images from another one of my latest treasuries. such beautiful things! those tiny treasury boxes often don't do the images justice. from top to bottom: "cobble peru poncho" by ileaiye, "nesting" by leahgiberson, "nesting print" by thepaperapartment, "snowflakes - twilight saga inspired obsidian ring" by fallenhearts, and last but not least, "ameraucana chicken 95 craft feathers" by phoenixfarm.

tiny cabin in the woods

well, i didn't get as much accomplished over the long weekend as i had hoped, but at least i have one new painting to show for the time i did spend in the studio. i have been wanting to try a new surface and decided on clayboard. it has a lovely smooth surface and is mounted on a thick birch wood frame which can easily stand on it's own. it does not need to be wired for hanging...although i probably will wire it. the light wasn't great for picture taking this afternoon, so this is going to have to be a work in progress. now i am going to make a hot drink. oh, how i love hot drinks! :)