Tuesday, April 27, 2010

stormy morning

it's a gray day today - sometimes this kind of morning feels right. melancholy. beautiful. from top to bottom: "midway down the midway" by vaeda, "silent spiral porcelain bowl" by heartofireland, "mistyF felted handbag ooak" by onstail, "golden rasario" by fruccidesign, "i can feel your smile - romantic graffiti print" by eyeshoot, "ooak puff sleeve sweatshirt fleece hoodie with crochet trimming" by kaylim, and pinhole drawing on vintage photograph...don't cry, it's all over now..." by restlessthings.


  1. Thanks for featuring my smile print on your lovely blog with such great pieces! I'm going to enjoy having a look around.....

  2. It is a wonderful collection of works from a very creative artist. Thank you very much for a surprise. I'm very happy:)

  3. what a lovely surprise, thank you kindly! :)
    look at all of these new favorites too!

  4. wow wonderful selection!!! lovely. =D
    thank you so much!