Monday, April 5, 2010

let the sun shine in : take II

i am obsessed with the sun right now. there has been so much rain, and so many gray days that whenever we have a gorgeous day like today, my mood and motivation seem to skyrocket. so, here is yet another tribute to the light. from top to bottom these lovely things can be found here: "the griffith scalloped shorts" by alexandragrecco, "single wavelength" by sarahjohnafana, "solitaire sunshine yellow crystal drop on sterling silver chain, sweet necklace" by ripegoods, "helium whisper halter dress in vintage ivory knit and white silk" by quarks, "crystalline morning" by bomobob, and "beach vacation cocktail ring ocean sand beach glitter" by angelblackdesigns.


  1. Dreamy selections for your sunny day! I hope your bright days linger for you :)

  2. hooray! for the sun and for your blog, caroline.. thank you.

  3. Love the ripegoods necklace, thank you for posting!