Thursday, January 14, 2010


i don't know prescicely why, but "yodelayheehoo" is the first thought that popped into my head when i first saw jena of missmodish in this adorable sweater! immediately afterwards i wondered, what does yodelayheehoo mean exactly, anyway? according to one source, urban dictionary, it might mean "a trimphant exclamation of feeling that can be spoken and heard as spirited celebration or earnest sorrow and can be used by merely uttering the word or yodeling it's context in a sobering nature." ok. well, something to think about. :) : "vintage black diamond sweater" at missmodish, "4 pint glasses had engraved with floating flakes" by daydreemdesigns, "vintage suede lederhosen" at pickledvintage, "a little piece of wonderland - fine art print" by emmainwonderland, yummy "homemade cardomom marshmallows" by whimsyandspice, and "deer family etching" by thetimeisnow.


  1. This is an ADORABLE sweater. And before reading this post I had no idea how to spell "yodelayheehoo" :P Thanks!!

  2. I think we need to talk about how amazing those lederhosen are. Ok? Here goes: Those lederhosen are AMAZING!

  3. i agree 100%. and i should have mentioned that. cute!! right?

  4. Wonderful picks! thank you for including my lederhosen :)

  5. have been meaning to pop in on this post for days! it's very gorgeous. love these tones. and a great story.
    very inspired by the presentation of the etching by thetimeisnow ~ it looks great!
    hope you are going well.