Monday, January 25, 2010

moody, rainy, wintery beauty

this is such a cozy sweater-hot cup of tea-matinee-kind-of-day. these gorgeous, magical items and images can be found here - from top to bottom: "regency valentine with swallows" by hellohandmadepaperie, "rabbit - natural cherry wood and ink brooch" by brightcolorart, "12 dinner plate charms" at timeandmaterials, "bears in love" by kgrandey, "driving across" by abbytrysagain, "sandy garland strand - 10 feet" by kristinamarie, "rue - gothic victorian style crown tray with flowers and leaves" at selinabeadsnbits, "sterling silver stardust spacers - 4mm" at aardvarksilver, and "the cup" by lesliethomson.


  1. Thank you Angel,It is greatly appreciated.Those bears are so cool as well.
    Blessings,Light and Love to you.