Friday, January 29, 2010

unrequited love

isn't it fun & amazing how a few pictures thrown together can tell a story? for the missing pieces of this little tale, take a peek at my latest treasury. have a great weekend, :). from top to bottom: "i love you gift bags" by humunuku, "head nester" by courtneyoquist, "vintage garnet suede mary janes" at smallearthvintage, "vintage cream phone" at advintagous, "popmat paper placemats - hearts" by publiqueshop, "row houses" by nanlawson, and "vintage miniature bowling pins" at bluebellbazaar.


  1. Hello Caroline,
    Thank you for using my bowling pins in your blog. Great post. Gosia

  2. I really like the gift bags, and head nester! A nice selection!