Wednesday, March 31, 2010

simply soft and pretty

yep, that's what these things are. from top to bottom: "two dessert bowls" by gleenashop, "knock out - original framed painting" by brittniwood, "pearly oval earrings" by donauluft, "floral fete - knee length" dress by fcpcares, "dandelion earrings in silver" by shlomitofir, and "tweed deer" by studiolyon.

bad kitty & the eggs

this makes me think of maybe a darker side of easter. is that terrible? i've honestly never really known what kitty is up to in this print. :)

the (easter) bunny interpreted

hippity - hoppity easter's on it's way! and so, consequently i have bunnies on my mind today. it all started when i came upon this gorgeous needle felted snow hare by sara of the barnyard. he's taken already, but please take a peek at her shop just the same! sara's shop announcement says she is felting custom bunnies at this very moment! i found lots of other gorgeous bunny rabbits this morning, all unique and all lovely. from top to bottom: "snow hare" by sarasark, "young kothen hare" by kyokoimazu, "ralph the arctic hare" by sunmeower, "felt eco friendly easter bunnies" by julieblanchette, "vessel" by alfalfalovesme, "rabbit print on vintage french text" by crowbiz, "six shiny bunnies" by onegiftoneworld, and "a rabbit for easter" by tomaramaitra4.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a beautiful illusion

i guess i'm in a mysterious sort of mood today. foggy, misty, beautiful rain seems to radically change the appearance of everything...and then i in turn, feel different somehow. it's a cozy place to be this afternoon. from top to bottom, you can find these gorgeous things here: "2 headed bird original etching" by fleurografie, "remission" by ellemoss, "ionantha rubra" at myhouseparty, "empty" by mfeyrephotography, "morning - limited edition print" by groundwork, and "dreaming of a place elsewhere" by irenemachine.

Monday, March 29, 2010

night owl

it's raining here - is it raining where you are? new to the shop today: night owl & love nest. a happy monday to you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i heart art: europe

in honor of euroweek and inspired by scoutiegirl's peek into austria yesterday, i thought i'd share a selection of art from some european artists on etsy who are a source of inspiration for me. i was fortunate to visit spain as a teenager, and as an adult took a road trip through germany, the czech republic, hungary and austria. there are so many places i would love to visit in my lifetime, in addition to returning to some of these wonderful countries. but of the places i mentioned, i have a special place in my heart for prague, where i spent a magical couple of days with my boyfriend (who would later become my husband). in any case, i highly recommend visiting that gorgeous city. but what about you? are there any european cities or countries that hold a special place in your memory or heart?

ok, so without furthere ado, i hope you enjoy this selection of images from this enviably talented bunch! from top to bottom: "the day she spoke" by babouchrouge, "le mousquetaire II" by heidiburton, "lucrezia" by felicula, "what's the use" by restlessthings, "tomorrow is your lucky day" by seasprayblue, "millalove's garland of paper flowers" by millalove, "la foret 2" by aliette.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

yummy spring greens

i hear it's going to clear up today! in the boston area anyway. i hope it's nice and spring-y wherever you are. i have a sour cream coffee cake baking in the oven, and the little boy and i are off to watch a little more of the demolition project going on down the street as soon as it's done. i'm a lucky momma. :) but enough about me! these gorgeous springtime selections can be found here (from top to bottom): "vintage sprinkler head blue and brass" at opendoorstudio, "cara - art deco gold sea shell beaded headband" by bethanylorelle, "aquamarine and sepentine tears - earrings" by iomiss, "green party" by retrophotography, "vintage onyx bookends" at havenvintage and "nesting in the magnolia" by hadleyhutton. happy spring!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pretty tuesday

hello all! just returned from a soggy outing with my little one. we spent the morning and part of the afternoon at the children's museum - which is always a little crazy on a rainy day, but fun for all just the same. he gets to do a lot of fun stuff, and i get to sit comfortably on a bench and watch. now he's snoozing a little and i am having some fun scouting out pretty things (for my next treasury, perhaps?). from top to bottom: "garden party - set of clips" by whichgoose, "winter owl in blue" by cade, "hand built porcelain balloon bowls" by lynswan, "lady amherst" at kimonos,
"porcelain dinner ring" by pottery123, and "vintage rand mcnally terrestrial globe" at calloohcallay.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

golden blue

hello there! so, i thought i'd post a selection of items from the treasury i grabbed today. i usually do this the other way around, but i guess today i'm mixing things up. what do you think? i found some new favorites, myself. so pretty! from top to bottom: "the obstinate child" by gilfling, "workmans's tool chest" at hindsvik, "ramona and harry in the night" by thisisalliknow, "small gold paper bowl" by upintheairsomewhere, "50s vintage dolly calico print dress with a full ruffle skirt" at decades, and "untitled" by ahagar.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


another beautiful warm day and it is official, i am horribly spoiled by all of the sunshine we have had this week. the little boy and i are off to watch a school nearby get demolished by a team of giant excavators. he is beyond excited about this turn of events. our plan is to hide behind a fence and watch the action through a rip in the fabric they have stretched around the building site. i already feel a little bit like owl.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a little mystery wouldn't do any harm

would it? this little collection was absolutely inspired by viviennedstrauss' oil painting, but i love it all. stay tuned for the treasury which will undoubtedly spring from this post. from top to bottom: "iris h. incognito" by viviennedstrauss, "gold chain necklace" by veronicarileymartens, "today dress" by thimbleandacorn, "large birch tree archival print in yellow" by lisacongdon, and "lady spider paper puppet doll" by crankbunny.