Monday, March 1, 2010

happy monday to you

goodmorning! welcome to owl's farm. and now in other of my favorite etsians, the lovely belinda of gretchenmist, passed on the kreativ blog award to me over the weekend - thank you. :) i don't know a lot about the award other than for me it's just lovely to be chosen by a peer that i admire, and that the award entails listing 7 things about myself and passing the award on to 7 others. so, 7 random facts:

1. my husband and i grew up in the same town and went to the same high school but didn't know each other at all. when i was 31, we met in the elevator of the building we both worked in in boston. 2 years later we eloped.

2. i LOVE movies. i don't like popcorn.

3. i often listen to the soundtrack to "the myth of fingerprints" on rainy, dark days.

4. i can't read in the car or i get motion sickness.

5. i love libraries & lakes.

6. i am the oldest of 4 girls. my husband is the youngest of 4 boys.

7. i won a gift certificate once by singing "winter wonderland" on the radio. admittedly random, but true.

i'm passing this award on to some talented women whose art and blogs inspire me: holly, janet & trisha, liane, laura, brooke, and mollie. is it against the rules to include you, belinda? OK. well i'm going to do it anyway.


  1. i can't read in the car either. drat. i wish i could. thanks for thinking of me. xo

  2. thanks, caroline! i wish i could have heard that rendition of winter wonderland! lovely painting!

  3. sweet story about you and your hubby :)
    it's fun to read more about you. thanks for passing it back too!