Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i said hello! my chili friend

it's chilly today. which i think is inspiring this sort of dreamy, woodsy thing i have going on here - and reminding me of childhood. from top to bottom these lovely images are: "miniature movable paper doll (in red stockings)" by hollandsworth, "forest creatures calcification series part eleven virtual exhibition" by almapottery, "snorkeler original cut paper drawing" by katep, "black spruce tumbler" by villarrealceramics, "goblin market illustration - golden curl" by heidiburton. p.s. for more on this dreamy theme stop by my latest treasury - see ya. it's so nice to have visitors! :)


  1. Beautiful picks, and the feeling you describe of childhood is the same sort of feeling i took from your Etsy treasury. Love the tumblers, had to go fav them! Thanks a lot for including my print.

  2. wow, thanks for sharing these picks. happy to have found and be following your blog! very inspiring!
    xoxo, juliette