Wednesday, October 7, 2009

teeny tiny paintings

the last few times i've been in working up in my studio in vermont, i have been painting on these itsy bitsy canvases. i haven't had much time up there in the past month and it is really the only place i seem to get any work done. since the canvases are so small, i feel like i can just dive in and paint the first thing that comes to mind - without any planning or thought. it's sort of fun to just see where the painting goes. here are two of several i recently listed in my shop: "new boots" and "goodmorning pumpkin". it's a cold, rainy day in boston...hope it is dry wherever you are.


  1. hi caroline ~ these are gorgeous. i love the non-intimidating nature of working on a small scale! your photos are fantastic too :)

  2. thank you, belinda! i am pretty excited about the photos. i've decided it's all luck, :)