Monday, October 19, 2009

black bird monday

an ode to the crow (plus one bonus raven). six very different interpretations of the large black bird - all so beautiful in their uniqueness! you can find each one of these lovely items on etsy. from top to bottom: "just as it should be" by ingridartstudio, "two australian crows" by bridgetfarmerprints, "smokey crow" by tastesorangey, "black crow" by middleburg, "bird etching, juvenile crows" by magpieofhedgerow, and last but certainly not least: "raven destroyed t shirt" by koreandollz.


  1. Caroline, these are amazing! I want them all! You have such a great eye!

  2. Love the subject! Thanks for including my etching, they all look great together.

  3. Yes, Thank you for posting my etching of the juvenile crows, as well. It is always nice to get positive feed back from those that like your work. Isn't cool that young crows have blue eyes. I just love crows and all of these items and work of art are so great!
    -Magpie of Hedgerow