Wednesday, February 24, 2010

rainy wednesday afternoon

it's a chilly, rainy afternoon and the little boy sleeps. i should wake him up soon or he'll never go to sleep tonight. it's such a napping, dreamy kind of day and i'm thinking these pictures definitely tell some sort of a dream-y story. from top to bottom: this adorable "barquentine skirt" is by makool, "cottage studies campbell" by romawinkel, "pseudobaileyi" at myhouseparty, "red hood" by monjojo, "vintage windmill and sailboats crown staffordshire bowl" at tigerluxe, and "past present" by walkingtojericho.


  1. i love that skirt! thanks so much for including my shop in your great collection :)

  2. great picks! thanks for including one of our air plants :)

  3. cute blog! Thanks so much for posting one of my cottage series paintings!!! :)