Wednesday, September 16, 2009

art for a breezy, gray fall day

well, it is still green out there but fall is definitely in the air today. i love this kind of cool, breezy, gray, early fall-ish kind of day. these four gorgeous images evoke the same kind of feeling in me. from the tippity top to bottom, here are the talented creators behind these beauties: "witches promise" dress by iheartfink, "the modern olive" by jennygrayart, "pendulum" necklace by adornbyamysingley, and "homeless" by amberalexander. now go make yourself a cup of hot cocoa.


  1. yes, it's getting to be "that time", isn't it?
    apple picking, cocoa, etc. etc.
    Thanks for including my bear here :)
    The colors are very crisp-fallish day:)

  2. lovely post. hot cocoa sounds sooo good right now! happy autumn!