Sunday, August 22, 2010

pretty eerie

it's an overcast dark day today and i am in a pretty eerie sort of mood. i love this collection! what do you think? i don't know about you guys, but i can't wait for fall to really get going. from top to bottom: "winter cap" by misspriscillapomeroy, "vintage portrait" at enhabiten, "small fetters journal made from reclaimed black leather" by theblackspotbooks, "good intentions jersey vest" by iheartfink, "big hoops" by ericawalker, "hymn (1)" by littleblackfences, "night house" by cakewithgiants, and "dark beasts with wings" by evafunderburgh. stop by my latest treasury for more pretty eerie beauty.


  1. Me nuther. Fall fall fall. Please come soon. I love this collection - love the Night House. Thank you!

  2. fantastic as usual! the "dark beast with wings" is such an amazing find!!

  3. I'm not quite yet ready for fall and winter cause I know there will be a huge darkness here in Sweden for 7 months, more summer please! But I do love eerie things, I'm always drawing eerie trees. Great picks for your theme!