Wednesday, July 21, 2010

memories of summer

still july but seems like summer is beginning to fade. maybe that's just wishful thinking...i love it but enough with the heat already! from top to bottom you can find these beautiful things here: "summer memories" by skippydesigns, "plus size boho chic summer dress" at theclosetstudio, "like something you've always known" by restlessthings, "vintage 1960s lime dasies mod mini dress" at themaidenvintage, "n/a canvas eco-friendly jumbo tote" by notapplicable, "nothing left to say" by ajawin, "1930s metal workman's lunchbox" at jessjamesjake, and "books" by alyoisiusspyker. to see more along the same lovely lines, view my treasury here.

1 comment:

  1. Caroline, thank you so much for finding me fit of this beauty... you have some of my very favorite shops here... Hugs, Gordana