Wednesday, June 2, 2010


a little experiment to share : a new painting on tea stained canvas. in the process of soaking the canvas in black tea and re-stretching it over it's wood frame, the painting took on a slightly worn, but loved appearance. at least, i think so :). "june" was just listed in my shop today. not sure i'll do this again...but maybe. it was kind of fun for a change. i do love experiments!


  1. Enjoying seeing your to see others' new adventures. I also just went on an experiemntal route with my work..and am also not sure if I'll go that route again!! I do like your painting though..the tea stained effect..and all.

  2. hi caroline! I love this! Also, would like to talk to you about a commission for my niece...don't have your email handy at work, so email me or I'll buzz you later! enjoy the day! emily

  3. hi emily! thanks for stopping by. :) it was a crazy afternoon so i am just reading your note now (10:30 pm - late for me!) i'll be in VT for a few days with no computer - email me when you have a chance and i'll get back to you next week. have a great weekend!