Friday, June 25, 2010

a cool breeze on a hot summer day

doesn't this feel like one? like a swim in the blue green water of the lake i grew up visiting every summer. wish i could go back in time and bring my little boy along so he could swim, too. :) from top to bottom: "hot love on the hot tub highway" at veravague, "flyin' free" by skippydesigns, "small vintage electric fan" at littleveggievintage, "minty melamine lunch dishes" at 5gardenias, "summer night with spruce" by vedaarts, and "camper tote" by lalunedesigns. for more minty fresh finds like these, pop on over to my treasury of the same name as this collection.


  1. absolutely love this texture and color scheme you have captured here. reminds me our old metal fan is in dire need of a replacement, and were on the hunt for her suitable counterpart. great work here, thanks for including us!

    vera vague

  2. these images and finds look like long lost friends-- what a beautiful collection caroline-- many thanks to you for featuring the melamine set from my vintage shop! happy weekend to you :) :) :)