Wednesday, May 12, 2010

earthy, woodsy

some beautiful new discoveries to share today - reminding me a little of the color and the smell of the earth after a rainy day...what it looks like right outside my window this very minute. from top to bottom: "white porcelain berry bowl" by isabelleabramson, "layers - original painting" by erindollar, "recycled bay map paper garland extras - 10 feet" by kristinamarie, "poison bottles" by topsydesign, and "tiny woodland terrarium golden stag ring" by woodlandbelle.


  1. wow! i feel so honored to be included among these lovely items! thanks for featuring my painting :)

  2. hey caroline! thanks so much for the mention, i love the post! great collection of images- it most certainly has an earthy and subdued feeling to it, nice work!